Our Values


At khairuk, we’re keen on maintaining a relationship that is built on trust with the stakeholders, beneficiaries and donors. We have gained their trust with our high-quality services, effective and constant communication.


khairuk values innovation and always develops creative solutions, in cooperation with the institutions of the government and private sectors, to support the largest segment of families in the KSA.


khairuk applies the highest standards of institutional excellence, and provides distinguished services to beneficiaries and donors with the same kind attention and appreciation.


khairuk exerts a great effort in achieving sustainability, by protecting and preserving the environment. Equally important, we contribute in raising awareness of the importance of recycling old clothes, by promoting the concept of “Sustainable Fashion” for a better future not as a fashion trend. Simultaneously, We work hard to achieve societal sustainability; by ensuring the continuity of our services and initiatives, for a significant impact on the beneficiaries’ lives.