Our Services

Charity is like a flowing river

1- Receiving donation directly
The service of receiving in-kind donations from clothes directly from donors, through the National Donation Platform.

Donation Process

Providing the donors with all the required information and methods to facilitate the donation process, in addition to spreading environmental and charitable awareness through marketing campaigns.
Before donating
The donor to be contacted within a maximum period of 24 hours.
Receiving the request
For more flexibility the donor has freedom to choose the day and time to his convenience for a pick-up from khairuk’s Messenger.
During the donation
khairuk sends periodic messages to follow up on the impact of the donation, in addition to sending Surveys to test the impact and quality of our service performance.
After the donation

2- Environmental Awareness Events

Textiles placed in landfills are a serious environmental concern. Natural fibres take years to decompose in landfills and release greenhouse gases in the process. Synthetic textiles are designed not to decompose at all and can leach toxic substances into the soil and groundwater while in landfills.

khairuk is keen to organise several events and activities at malls, clubs and schools, to increase the awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion in terms of choosing eco-friendly fabrics and materials. In addition to promoting the importance of charity, as a great example of an attempt to elevate humanity.