About khairuk

Our environment is all we have. If we don’t take care of it, who will?  

khairuk is a pioneer Saudi non-profit environmental project, which supports the ecosystem through an innovative approach of qualitative, proactive solutions and impactful partnerships.
khairuk works under the supervision of the National Donation Platform, we collect in-kind donations from surplus clothing by local and international cadres. This contributes greatly in developing the field of recycling clothing for a better use, in order to serve charities and help the less fortunate.
khairuk is committed to spreading environmental awareness, through its programs and initiatives that benefit all members of the society with services that cover all parts of the Kingdom.
khairuk takes pride in being an essential contributor in achieving KSA’s Vision of 2030, by committing to delivering a sustainable value for the community that matches the ambitious global effort is underway to deliver the Un 2030 agenda.

“Clothes are not going to change the world, but the people who wear them will…”

khairuk directs its marketing efforts into boosting the livelihoods of people, those who are incapable of keeping up with the demands of life. Seeing that external looks matter, we aim at providing used/old clothes in the best possible shape for those in need.
Our work is achieving four main objectives (delivering fixed income for charities, providing job opportunities to expand our team, preserving the dignity of unfortunate people and protecting our environment from harmful fabrics.)
It’s worth mentioning, we’re lucky to have a unique team of humanitarians and volunteers, who help us achieve our goals with complete ease and love.

Our Mission

At khairuk, we provide a smooth service in collecting the old/used clothes from donors, according to their availability and whereabouts. We then give the surplus clothes to the those in need.
Furthermore, we exert great effort on-ground by raising community awareness about the importance of this project. We constantly carry out various activities on different levels.

Our Message

We seek to achieve environmental sustainability and social solidarity in the Kingdom in accordance to modern methods, effective leadership and community participation. We aim to achieve our goal by serving deprived families and those with low-income, in a humanitarian way that shall preserve their dignity.

Our Vision

At khairuk, we aspire to be the first aid to charity associations, those with a low-income and the underprivileged families, by becoming the main source of recycling surplus clothing in KSA. This prominent project will help the Kingdom achieve its vision of 2030, which is opening Saudi Arabia up to the world.

Our Goals

We help you “Save The Planet” by simply donating your coat or your old pair of jeans, after doing some closet organization and decluttering.

Our stats

Ton of clothes
We are located at five cities

Jeddah – Riyadh – Medina – Abha